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By Kim Heath

Herne common
 & Herne Bay High St  
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Would you dearly love to complete a hairdressing course but just do not have the time at the moment to commit to attending the academy?
 Do you have dependants at home, love one's that you cannot leave at the moment to up grade your skills or re-train for a better career....Well look no further, I have just what you need.

The 37 series is a collection of online courses that you can do at home. After 37 years in the business I have something to share with you. For just £37 you can have the information and knowledge and what is more if you sign up for one of my day courses later when you are able to then you can have £37 back in a refund from your final payment. Now there is an offer you should not refuse. Click on the link and sign up today...
Coming soon
Lets cut it right...37 years with Scissors and Comb
Style it beautiful...37 years with Bobby pins
And much more